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You’re having an air conditioning unit installed, and you’re wondering just how long it’s going to take. The answer to that question depends on three major factors: the size of your home, location of the unit, and whether it is a replacement unit or an entirely new unit.

Size of Your Home

If you have a small house, you will likely only need one AC unit, and it won’t take too long to install it. However, if you have a particularly large home, it may require multiple units, which will add time to the installation process.

Location of the Unit

Much like real estate, location is important when determining the installation time of your AC unit. If it is in a readily accessible area outside the house, this will make the installation time shorter. 

If it is somewhere difficult to reach, this will increase installation time. Keep in mind that all the materials needed for the installation have to be moved to the location it is being installed. If it is a small, cramped space, the installer will have to make multiple trips to get all the needed materials. This will cause a substantial increase in installation time.

New/Replacement Unit

If you are getting a replacement unit, your installation time will be shorter than if an entirely new unit is installed. With a replacement unit, the old one is simply taken out and replaced with the new unit. If you are having a unit installed for the first time, there is a lot more to the process. The installer will have to not only install the air conditioning unit, but they will also have to install all the ductwork that goes along with it.

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