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There are a few different signs that indicate your air conditioner may not be working as it should. In these situations, it is important to call a specialist on our team here at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling and have them make the necessary repairs as soon as you can. Here are three signs that your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly.

Increase In Your Bill

If you haven’t changed the temperature at which your thermostat is set, and you still see an increase in your bill from one month to the next, this may be a sign that your air conditioner isn’t functioning as it should. The reasons for this may be because the air isn’t escaping the unit as effectively as it should so the system has to work harder to get it out, the air isn’t becoming cooled like it needs to, or your system may simply be old and needs to be replaced. Whatever the case may be, calling an air conditioning specialist to come and inspect your unit is a great way to discover and fix the problem at hand.

Your Air Flow Is Poor

If you turn on your air conditioner, only to realize that your air flow is very low, this can be frustrating. One of the common reasons that this may be happening is a dirty air filter. Thankfully, this is something that an air conditioning specialist can fix quickly, allowing you to get your air conditioning up and running properly once again.

You Hear Unusual Noises

If you happen to hear any unusual noises when you turn your unit on, or when it is running, this is a cause for concern. These noises could be caused from a malfunctioning fan belt, debris in your ductwork, a loose screw, or something else. Because it can be very hard to determine what is causing the noise, it is a good idea to call a JR Perkins Heating & Cooling specialist and have them take care of this issue for you.

If you notice that your air conditioning bill has gone up, the air flow is poor, or you hear unusual noises when it is running, then you should likely have your unit repaired right away.

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