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Taking proper care of your air conditioner is essential to extending its life and helping it to run properly. Here are three ways the experts at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling can help you do this.

Keep Your Fan On The Auto Setting

One excellent way to extend the life of your air conditioner is to keep your fan on the auto setting. This setting ensures that the fan is only running when either hot or cold air is actively blowing out of your vents. In contrast, if you have your fan on all of the time, then it is constantly running no matter what. This can cause the fan to become deteriorated much faster and may cause you to run into problems that you otherwise wouldn’t have to worry about.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Because your air conditioning unit is located outdoors, it can get quite dirty overtime. A great way to ensure that your air conditioner doesn’t become damaged by this dirt and debris is to clean it regularly. You can do this by first using your hose to clean off all of the dirt and debris and then using a coil cleaner to clean the outdoor coils. This is a simple task that doesn’t take long, but can make a world of difference when it comes to extending the life of your outdoor unit.

Check For Refrigerant Leaks 

If your air conditioning system has a refrigerant leak, it isn’t able to properly cycle the refrigerant and can cause a great deal of damage to your air conditioner. If you notice that your output is reduced, you hear strange noises when your air conditioner is running, you see dirty spots in your air conditioning line, or you put soapy water on the line and see bubbles come off of it, then these are all signs that you potentially have a leak and need to call a professional right away.

For more tips on extending the life of your air conditioner, or to get immediate help from a professional, contact us today at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling.

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