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Have you ever replaced your air conditioning system, or has it been a good deal of time since you replaced it last? Perhaps you have just purchased a home with an older air conditioning system and are unaware of its age or history. If your cooling system does not appear to be working as effectively and efficiently as it has in years past, it may be time to consider replacing it. Whatever your situation may be, here are some indicators provided by our AC experts at J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling that it may be time to upgrade your air conditioning system to a more cost effective, efficient one.

Your air conditioner is greater than 10 years old – A central air conditioning system will typically last between 15 and 20 years if it is routinely and properly maintained. But over time, your HVAC system will start to utilize more energy and have less cooling effect. Today’s cooling systems are much more energy efficient. If your system is on its last leg, then an upgrade to a more energy efficient system may be the ideal solution for you.

Increased utility bills – An aging air conditioning system will begin to break down over time, resulting in costly maintenance and repair bills and increased energy costs. With that said, your utility bills are sure to increase. High repair and energy costs can amount to a great deal of money over time, which is why replacing your cooling system may be your best option.

A poor SEER Rating – Today, energy efficient cooling systems have a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) in excess of 16. If your older system has a rating much less than 16 it may be time to consider upgrading your system to save you both energy and money.

The temperatures in your living space fluctuate consistently – If your cooling system is unable to deliver consistent, comfortable temperatures, it may be an indicator that it is unable to produce enough cool air to evenly distribute throughout your living space. When this happens, it could be as simple as leaks in your air duct system, but may also be the result of an aging, struggling HVAC system in need of upgrading or replacement.

There is so much humidity in your home – When an air conditioning system is performing at peak levels, it effectively removes the humidity from your living space. However, when your system is old and struggling to operate, it is unable to remove the humidity as efficiently and effectively, thus leaving your home feeling clammy and uncomfortable. In some cases, this could be the result of an oversized AC unit, but more than likely your system has run its course and it’s time for that much needed upgrade.

If you are experiencing any or all of the above situations, it may very well be time to upgrade and replace your current AC system. With that said, the folks here at J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling are just the team for you.

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