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Adopting a Dog? Hire an Air Conditioning Contractor for an Inspection Beforehand

Humans are quite adaptable, so even though it may be possible to use air conditioning during summer to cool down, you may be comfortable with keeping the windows closed on most days. This is fine when you are the only one living in your home or if your family is happy with this arrangement, but you may be planning to adopt a dog. It is worth hiring an air conditioning contractor before this major life change.

Check for Air Quality Issues

A professional will look at your system and determine whether there are any air quality problems. Whether you are adopting a puppy or an adult dog, you do not want to introduce them to a home with air quality concerns. Sometimes all it takes is replacing an old air filter with a HEPA filter and then doing a thorough cleaning of the house to make a substantial improvement to the air quality in the home.

Perform Maintenance

An air conditioning system may be working, but this does not mean that it is working optimally. If your system is looked at and a contractor finds that it is not working as well as it should be, they can perform the necessary maintenance. This will optimize energy consumption and save you money on your utilities.

Keep the Home Cool

Getting service will make it easier to keep your dog comfortable when you bring them home. If you plan on adopting a breed such as an English Bulldog or Pug, both of which are susceptible to heat strokes, you will gain peace of mind by knowing that your home is a place that you can keep them cool and healthy.

Hiring a professional from JR Perkins to work on your air conditioning system is a smart move before adopting any dog. JR Perkins is the first heating and air conditioning company in the East Valley, serving Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. To learn more please visit our website at or call (480) 422-4437.

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