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Proper maintenance for the air conditioning unit(s) in a home is important. This type of service can also do more than just keep a house cool during high temperatures of extreme heat. It can also provide assurances to a persons’ insurance carrier that safety and maintenance are important to the homeowner and therefore signal them as being a good risk.

Insurance Inspections

Many underwriters are starting to order insurance inspections or underwriting reviews when it comes to renewing or writing a homeowners policy. Insurance inspectors will make visits to a dwelling and often take photos of the interior and exterior for the company file. They will also ask questions regarding semi-annual or annual maintenance of the home’s air conditioner, water heater, and heating system.

Air conditioners and other HVAC units that are adequately serviced typically run better and last longer. This type of scheduled service also shows a commitment to care and upkeep of the home. Insurance inspectors usually want to know the age of all of the HVAC units in the house and they also look for stickers or invoice receipts with time and date stamps of service.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Annual and semi-annual service maintenance for air conditioner(s) should include: thermostat inspections, filter changes, complete cleaning of coils and condensers, thorough checks for potential leaks, and honest evaluations of the system’s efficiency. The maintenance checks should be recorded on a permanent sticker that can be attached to or left nearby the unit for easy reference.

Scheduled maintenance will help a homeowner avoid premature system failures and also lower the risk of parts malfunctioning.

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