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Air conditioners run better and last longer when they are serviced and attended to in a timely and efficient manner. Combing the fins of an air conditioning unit means to straighten and/or clean the outdoor condenser coils. Combing the fins can allow for better overall operation of an AC unit when it comes to cooling a home or building. The professionally trained staff at J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling has tons of experience when it comes to performing preventative maintenance tasks and combing the fins of an outdoor AC unit.

What are the Fins of an Air Conditioner?

The fins are an important part of an air conditioner’s design. They can be seen from all sides of an outdoor AC unit if a person is looking at the cooling equipment closely. They are underneath the outer cover and have a metal, grill type look to them. They are typically made of aluminum.

Fins are a part of the AC unit process that pull in the air to provide a cooling climate in hot weather. If the fins are bent or pushed inward, they can obstruct air flow and make for an uncomfortable situation temperature-wise within an indoor environment.

Why Would Fins Need to be Combed?

The compressor fins of an air conditioner are located near the condenser. They also are often constructed out of thin metal pieces. Therefore, they can be easily bent or flattened during a severe storm that produces high winds, hail, or debris damage. A fallen tree could slam down on an AC unit and press the fins inward to make them go flat, while balls of hail have the ability to punch marks on an air conditioner’s fins and panels.

If the AC fins of a unit ever get bent, it is important to have them combed so the unit can get back to operating at full capacity with little to no interruption. J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling has a lot of experience with combing fins for all sizes and types of air conditioners. They are familiar with the process of removing an AC’s outdoor panel or shield to gain access for combing and cleaning the fins in order to keep the unit in good condition.

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