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Before turning on your air conditioner for the first time there are a few things you can inspect that will help to assure you the system will function efficiently. Visual inspection is one of the ways to identify potential air conditioning malfunction before it happens, after which you can act accordingly.

Here are a few simple inspection tips for homeowners:

Inspect The Vents You need to check the air vents around your home regularly, and before you turn the system on. The reason is that any item on these vents such as toys, drapes, and furniture will obstruct the flow of air. As a result, the cost of running the air conditioner increases significantly. Also, such items will cause inefficiency within the system.

Once you detect any obstruction on these vents, remove the obstruction to facilitate the free flow of air, and to ensure optimum functioning of the air conditioning system as a whole.

Inspect the Ductwork Proper insulation of the duct will ensure that your air conditioner does not suffer cooling loss, or any other kind of inefficiency. Inspecting the system for any ductwork exposure is critical in keeping your heating and cooling costs down. It will also reduce the risk of having to address other issues that the system may develop in the future.

Check The Electrical Wiring The outdoor electrical wiring of your air conditioning system is subject to wear. As soon as you notice any sort of wear on the unit, call a professional for service because it could be a potential cause of system failure. It is often expensive if the only option remaining is a replacement of the air conditioning system – save yourself the trouble by performing this simple exercise.

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