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If you are a lonely person, and you want someone to come into your life and lessen the loneliness, if even for a little while.  It’s so easy! Just let your HVAC systems air filter get good and dirty.  We see it all the time, lonely people who just want someone to stop by.  We will send one of our friendly technicians to come and replace the dirty filter, or maybe we get to stay much longer, because the filter was so dirty that it did very severe damage to the air conditioning system. Maybe…it burned out the compressor or destroyed the blower motor.  It could also have allowed oil to accumulate within the small orifices of the refrigerant system and damaged some of the control valves. 

All HVAC companies are happy to provide you with the companionship that you need, especially during this very difficult time.  Because not only are you lonely, but your now very uncomfortable in your home and are about to spend money that maybe you hadn’t intended. Dirty filters can cause major malfunctions as outlined above.  It also is a sure way to raise your electric bill and shorten the life span of your HVAC system. 


APS, SRP and most all HVAC companies’ websites and blogs advise you to keep your filter clean, to check it regularly and that is the one thing a HVAC owner can do to keep their system in good shape.  Most thermostats these days have an alert that pops up every so often that says change your filter.

So, if you are that lonely person, please seek out a good friend or a dog even might help.  You’ll be happier, healthier, more comfortable, and most of all you’ll save money.  You can use it to take a friend to dinner! Who knows, maybe that person is lonely too and you will have done them a great kindness by showing them the sweet milk of human kindness. 

Keep your filter clean then, yes?


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