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FAQ’s about an HVAC system replacement


How Different Generations go about buying expensive items

Each generation is going to approach a large ticket item differently, and a new HVAC system is a pretty high ticket. Baby boomers will want information, generally from someone they trust or who was recommended to them by a trusted advisor.  They’ll look into the internet and get some ideas, but they’ll like to see you face to face to ask questions and to build a relationship.

Millennials and Generation X customers will research their purchase almost totally online.  Marketers call them product “stalkers”; They will read everything they can and have a pretty clear idea about what they want before they every talk to anyone.   They will review all online information about the contractors they call and they’ll do their best to get several A+ listed providers. A relationship will only develop after they have made their contractor choice.

What Really Matters?


No matter which generation you fall into it all boils down to the same thing.

The most important choice is the contractor who is putting the system in and all online information will say the same 


Sadly, if you do not have a relationship with a company you trust, this selection process will be a nightmare, especially if you have an emergency.



Equipment Selection



          A GOOD contractor will ensure that the size of the equipment will met local codes.  In th

e Phoenix. area, a systems needs to be able to hold a 30 degree differential.  So then, if it is 110 outside, the unit needs to be able to keep the home at 80 degrees. You’ll need to tell your contractor if you’d like it to be cooler so they can explain your options.


My personal opinion is that, there are no bad HVAC systems, just bad installs.  – Richard Larsen, owner of J.R. Perkins Co



Most all systems are made in the USA in company towns, using very much the same major components.  Some have features that you may desire, such as hail guards to protect the outside coils, or physical size. So when a salesperson starts to tell you why their brand is best, just know that they are more concerned with their “kick back” then they are with you getting the best option for you home.  My personal opinion is that, there are no bad HVAC systems, just bad installs. 


Options –

There are many! Learn about variable speed systems, two stage systems, single stage systems, variable speed blower motors, advanced defrost protection, back up electrical heat options, filtration options, and so much more. All of them have features and benefits that you may find desirable. Along with equipment options there are options for Air Scrubbers, Zone Systems, Condensation line Safety switches, CO2 alarms.  It can get overwhelming so be prepared.




Trane XR16 Condensers



 In our climate here in the Valley of the sun, the SEER number that all manufacturers brag about is nothing to base a decision upon.  SEER is ratio or BTU’s per Watt of electricity at roughly 85 degrees of outside temperature.  EER is that same ration at 95 degrees, which is what really matters to us. The EER’s are normally lower.  Even if the SEER is 20, the EER may only be 13 or less so don’t buy a high SEER unit thinking you’ll have a payback, IT WON’T HAPPEN!






What you are really looking for is someone you can trust to be there after the sale to care for the system and for you. You may find a company that has 100 years’ experience, 100 people all with 1 year each!  Look into who it is by researching them on the Registrar of Arizona’s Website.  You’ll see how long they’ve been in business, as well as who owns the company, and much more!



Give us a call or make an online appointment today for your free estimate!


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