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Everyone knows that a service plan is one of the most important aspects of a heating and cooling system, especially when you own your own home and especially when the summers are as hot as they are in the Phoenix AZ area. Should anything go wrong, you will want some kind of backup plan, and a service plan is your first line of defense in such a situation. However, there are 5 must-haves in anĀ air conditioning serviceĀ plan that you certainly need to prioritize.

  1. Automatically scheduled tune-up visits. We cannot stress the importance of these enough. Keeping up regular maintenance on a heating/cooling unit could mean the difference between having to replace it or not.
  2. Discounts on multiple heating and cooling comfort systems installed under the same agreement. This comes in handy if you happen to have a large building or commercial structure that needs an extra system but still need to save some money.
  3. All major brands serviced. You don’t have to call a different service person simply because it is a specific brand. Our professional service extends to all of them.
  4. Extended system life and efficiency. With the service plan, and the two free service visits, staying up with your maintenance schedule not only saves you money, it gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your system will have a longer life and save you the most money possible since it is going to operating at maximum levels.
  5. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy, and we will always do our best to ensure your satisfaction in every task we do for our customers, from the smallest job, to the largest.

Serving Scottsdale AZ, JR Perkins is the first heating and air conditioning company in the East Valley. To learn more please visit our website at or call (480) 422-4437.

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