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Air conditioning refrigerants aren’t supposed to leak, but this can happen as components deteriorate over time. It could also occur if someone installs the equipment improperly. Aside from reducing the cooling capacity of your air conditioning system, leakage can have adverse medical or environmental impacts.

Health Effects

Refrigerant poisoning could result from a leak, especially if it happens in a place with poor ventilation. Potential symptoms include eye irritation, nausea, dizziness and headaches. More serious medical problems can develop, but they’re not likely under normal circumstances.

An especially severe case of poisoning might trigger internal bleeding, vomiting, mental confusion or a seizure. It could also affect your heartbeat. Physicians often have difficulty diagnosing and treating this condition. Although medications may alleviate symptoms, they can’t cure refrigerant poisoning.

Safety Concerns

Freon normally has little to no flammability. Consequently, most leaks don’t pose a risk of fire or explosion. There is one important exception. Some illegal air conditioning refrigerants contain propane, so they can be highly flammable. People should never use these dangerous products; the equipment might catch fire if a leak develops.

The Environment

When any refrigerant escapes a cooling system, it has the potential to damage the ozone layer. The chemical does this by traveling high above the Earth’s surface and releasing chlorine, according to the EPA. Ozone depletion significantly raises the risk of skin cancer for humans and animals.

This type of leakage also harms the environment by bringing about higher power consumption. An air conditioner will draw one-fifth more electricity after only a tenth of the freon leaks out. This often results in more air and water pollution.

To sum it up, A/C refrigerant leakage can have substantial negative effects on your health and the ecosystem. Frequent recharging and high utility bills could drain your bank account as well. The good news is that JR Perkins Heating & Cooling experts know how to find and fix these harmful leaks.

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