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Even if there seems to be nothing wrong with your air conditioner, it’s a good idea to have it inspected, cleaned and serviced once or twice a year. Having your air conditioner serviced in the cooler months will help your unit to operate more efficiently and effectively when the summer months start to roll in. It also helps you to avoid an emergency breakdown in the middle of July when help may not be able to come as quickly.

If not serviced regularly, your unit loses some of its efficiency annually due to the buildup of dust and dirt in the condensing coils and air filters. An air conditioner that runs efficiently will not only save you hundreds of dollars in utility bills, but also expensive replacements by fixing usually smaller, unnoticed problems. It is far easier and less expensive to make small repairs than to have to get a completely new unit.

When you have your air conditioner serviced, you can expect a professionally licensed technician, like the ones at J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling, to check the motor, blower, pressures, temperatures, coils, drain, return and supply line, refrigerant levels and the connections. You can set up preventative maintenance contracts for continued service at affordable prices.

In the end, inspections pay for themselves and are worth the upfront cost. Having a company that you trust and work with regularly for your air conditioning service will not only help your unit to last longer, but will also give you a place to call should any emergencies come up during busy months. Contact us today to get started with preventative maintenance for your air conditioning unit.

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