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How To Change an Air Filter 


Maintaining your HVAC system is extremely important, especially in Arizona, where we use the cooling cycle more than often. Here are some tips and helpful insights to help maintain your system in between your maintenance visits.


Know WHAT size filter you have:

– Standard size filters are

20 x 20

20 x 30


20 x 25

– Your service provider should be able to order special sizes if needed

     ** We recommend: Pleated filters with MERV 8 ratings 



Locate WHERE you filter is:

– If it is located in the ceiling


– A FILTER BASE (located with an Air Handler or Furnace)

**Contact our office to learn more about installing a filter base**








HOW often should you change your filters?

– We recommend changing them ONCE A MONTH

– When replacing your filter, write the date that you changed it on the filter

– Set a REMINDER or write it on a calendar to check your  filter for changing

Ignoring your filter in between your maintenance visits may cause air restrictions that could lead to major repairs on your HVAC system. If you hear a whistling noise while your system is running, take a quick peek  at your air filter to see if it is dirty and needs to be changed. Setting a reminder for the beginning or end of the month, in your phone or on a calendar, can be helpful to check your filter to make sure it is clean and not effecting your machine efficiency.

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