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Change the batteries in your thermostat in 3 easy steps

1- Pull thermostat off the wall –

          – Grab the thermostat with both hands, with your thumbs being on the bottom of the

             thermostat, pull up from the bottom toward yourself. 

         – Depending on the thermostat you have, there may be tabs to push in as you pull it off

            the wall

2- Look to see what type of batteries are in the thermostat

         – The most common sizes for batteries are AA or AAA – unless it is a communicating

             system, then it does not require batteries.


**( If you have a communicating system and having errors with your thermostat please contact us for assistance)

3- Place NEW batteries in thermostat and place back on the wall

          – Some thermostats may take a few moments to reconnect after replacing batteries.   

  ** Remember that sometimes the batteries in the junk drawer may be dead and you may have to purchase new ones from the store**


*The J.R. Perkins office team and technicians are always available to help if you have additional questions, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call! (480)946-5083




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