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If your existing system is over 10 years old, it is most likely out of its manufacturer’s warranty and probably uses R-22 which is an outdated refrigerant. R-22 was phased out on January first of this year, and although there are still stocks available, they are very expensive!

Many of you have your HVAC systems looked at annually or semi-annually, so you should have a pretty good idea of what condition your system is in if your service provider is giving you an itemized checklist of the inspections. It is important to look at the list and ask questions about anything that is marked as being undervalued, worn, bearing play, oil stains or any measured items that are below minimums. Your system may still work well when the weather is mild, but once the system is strained, it can’t cool or heat properly which can cause it to stop working altogether.

When your older system has enough items listed as being “below minimum” it is time to consider system replacement. A new system normally comes with 10-year part warranties, always has the new R-410 refrigerant, and usually needs less power to operate. Often, utility companies will offer incentives for more efficient systems. Currently, SRP offers $225 per ton for variable speed systems!

It is always best to replace the system under your terms, when you can plan for it, and when the weather is nice. The alternative is to have a total system failure during a long hot weekend. Yes, you can probably find someone to come to your home and replace your system for you; however, your equipment options will be very limited to stock on hand as all of the distributors are closed (it will surely cost more money and your anxiety level will be elevated). Also, you will most likely get an emergency “rush job” using whoever can be found to do the work rather than an organized operation with all the right equipment and people.

So then, to sum up, what we’ve discussed… use a good service company that keeps good records and keeps you informed. Listen to your service provider’s recommendations and make an informed decision on what repairs are needed or if a total replacement is the best option for you. These systems are expensive; most companies have finance options that make the purchase less stressful, and by doing the replacement on your terms can make your life so much more pleasant.

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