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When it comes to how cool your air conditioner keeps your home and how much energy it uses doing it, homeowners are pretty focused on the actual air conditioner as the culprit. However, what they often look past is how big of a role the ducts in their home play in energy efficiency. Sure, an air conditioner does all the heavy lifting of actually producing the cool air and pumping it in, but there is a long labyrinth of ducts between your air conditioned air and you.

During your cold air’s journey to you, it passes through hundreds of feet of ducts. With luck, your air ducts are well maintained. This means that they are insulated to prevent becoming too hot from the external temperature. They are sealed at the seams to prevent any air leakage that can cause the produced cold air to escape or outside warm air to get in, and they have been kept sealed to prevent dust, moisture, and bacteria from entering them.

Unfortunately, most homeowners have at least one of these problems somewhere in their ducts. If they have never had them inspected, then likely more than one. When the energy bills in your home start to rise, the first thing that catches the blame is the air conditioner. If it is reaching its maximum lifespan or has not been properly maintained, then yes, this will be a contributing factor. However, when replacing an air conditioner for the sake of energy efficiency, you will also want to have your ducts inspected. JR Perkins Heating & Cooling can take care of the inspection for you. In many cases, there will be breaches that need sealed or perhaps the insulation has worn down and needs to be replaced. If your inspection does find breaches, of course then you will also need the ducts cleaned. This can be an ordeal, but the result is not only a more efficient air conditioner, but better air quality inside your home as well.

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