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High temperatures can be uncomfortable, but nothing makes you crave climate-controlled spaces like humidity. The Metro Phoenix area climate is commonly characterized as having “dry heat.” However, mid-summer can become extra hot and humid because of an increased amount of rain. While we should be able to expect temperatures and humidity levels to drop around early fall, it’s important to be aware of how this sometimes unexpectedly high humidity can affect your air conditioning and overall HVAC system.

Cooling Capacity

Some people assume that the larger and more powerful an air conditioner is the more effective it will be in cooling one’s home. However, it’s not a matter of how large it is but rather how well it suits your space. Be sure that whenever you install a new AC unit, it’s strategically sized by one of our professionals at J.R. Perkins Co, by running a heat load calculation to determine the correct amount of tonnage for the space. Having an air conditioner that effectively cools your home is essential when it has to work harder to cool through the humidity.

Humidity and Your Cooling System

Humidity causes condensation that builds up in the drain lines and with the Arizona monsoon season can also cause debris or blockage in your drain line that could lead to potential water leaks and damage to the home. The most important thing around this time of year, is to schedule a maintenance check to have an experienced technician come check your system, who will be able to clear your condensate drain line with nitrogen.  Our technicians are trained in how to properly clear a condensate drain line and also help you with prevention of water leaks by recommending a drain safety switch. Drain safety switches are installed to shut down the system when the primary drain line is backed up so the excess amount of water in your drain lines or drain pan so it will not leak water further.

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