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When considering a new air conditioning system installation, many homeowners are not aware of all options open to them. Perhaps you have heard about the traditional window unit, the package unit, and the split system. But there is a new technology that is emerging and quickly becoming popular: mini-split systems.

These air-conditioning systems are self-explained by their name. They function in the same manner as a split system, with one outdoor unit and one indoor unit making up the system. However, there are several differences to note. Any questions after reading more, please contact JR Perkins, your local HVAC Company located in Scottsdale AZ serving the Phoenix market.



If you have ever been in a home with a normal split system, or even a package unit, then you are familiar with the loud grumble of a compressor kicking in, accompanied by the flickering of lights for a split second as it draws startup energy. Mini-split systems have a very quiet outdoor unit that only produces a mild humming sound. Unlike other systems, you can barely hear it from several yards away.



The indoor unit simply blows the cold air across the room. It is lightweight and designed to fit any wall in the home, without the need of a window or ductwork. The installation process is simpler and easier for the technicians, which helps to reduce the price of these units.



The system’s simplicity makes them perfect for someone who wants to add a new air-conditioned space to their home. They are also ideal for homes where there is no existing ductwork or central air conditioning, and where there is a need for an affordable air conditioning system.

In the air-conditioning business, products and services are constantly evolving. As a homeowner, you can enjoy the superior performance and look of the newest units even if you aren’t trying to keep up with your neighbors. With greater energy-efficiency, upgrades often result in money savings each month for your family.

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