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  The spring heat is coming on strong, and summer is just around the corner! While temperatures may still be relatively mild compared to what we will see later in the summer, you still wouldn’t want to be home without your air conditioner working.   If you have been putting off fixing your air conditioner,… Read more »

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There is never a good time to lose your cool. The desert climate in Phoenix mandates comfortable indoor temperatures on a consistent year-round basis. You can keep from getting hot under the collar by paying attention to signs that your air conditioning unit needs repair. Be vigilant and proactive; be on the lookout for: Forced… Read more »

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Sometimes, air conditioning becomes something that we take for granted – that is until we don’t have it anymore. Routine servicing helps keep your system running efficiently, but here are five signs that your air conditioning unit is in need of immediate service from a qualified air conditioning service professional: No Cold Air Over time,… Read more »

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When it comes to heating and cooling, size matters – but that doesn’t mean bigger is always better. While a larger unit will be more powerful, that can easily become a problem if it is too large for your home. An expertly executed air conditioning installation will involve a thorough analysis of your home, including… Read more »

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In order to keep your HVAC system operating in tip-top condition all year long, regular air conditioning maintenance is critical. As a responsible homeowner in the Greater Scottsdale Arizona area, it is important to prioritize the upkeep of your home heating and air conditioning system. To make sure the job is done right, we recommend… Read more »