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High temperatures can be uncomfortable, but nothing makes you crave climate-controlled spaces like humidity. The Metro Phoenix area climate is commonly characterized as having “dry heat.” However, mid-summer can become extra hot and humid because of an increased amount of rain. While we should be able to expect temperatures and humidity levels to drop around… Read more »

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Have you ever replaced your air conditioning system, or has it been a good deal of time since you replaced it last? Perhaps you have just purchased a home with an older air conditioning system and are unaware of its age or history. If your cooling system does not appear to be working as effectively… Read more »

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There is no better feeling than after a day of work in warm temperatures, to retreat to your cool air conditioned home. However, many people know what it feels like to open up the door to their home and immediately feel something is not quite right. After a few adjustments to the AC unit with… Read more »

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Routine preventative maintenance is proven to save you money, whether performed on your automobile or on your home HVAC system. With routine maintenance, homeowners are able to identify and catch problems early on and prevent serious system malfunctions or even complete system failures. Though many homeowners feel that maintenance of an air conditioning system is… Read more »

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If you have noticed wet spots or even puddles around your air conditioner, then that is a problem. You may think and be surprised by the thought of your air conditioner even using water, but the fact is that it doesn’t. Water isn’t used anywhere in the air conditioning process. Your air conditioner doesn’t even… Read more »