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HOW TO…. Change the batteries in your thermostat in 3 easy steps 1- Pull thermostat off the wall –           – Grab the thermostat with both hands, with your thumbs being on the bottom of the              thermostat, pull up from the bottom toward yourself.   … Read more »

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Every homeowner thinks they know their air conditioner well. However, there are a number of myths that circulate about air conditioning when it comes to trying to save precious dollars while running it. If you’ve taken any of the following myths as fact, it is probably costing you money. “Yearly maintenance isn’t needed” Never fall… Read more »

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You probably already spend a lot of money cooling your home during the summer months. The last thing that you want to do is spend more money on air conditioning repair. Even though occasional repairs might be necessary, there are a few simple tips that you can follow to help cut costs. Have Your Unit… Read more »

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When an air conditioner has a serious breakdown, especially if it is not the first time in recent memory, there is a certain question that will arise. Is it time to repair the AC again, or should you consider replacing it? There are a number of factors that can help make the decision, but ultimately… Read more »