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Most vacations last anywhere from a weekend to a full week. But, it is certainly possible to make plans for longer vacations that can go on for several weeks or even a month or two. These trips take more preparation as you may have to set up automatic payments for bills and request an extended period of time off of work. If you plan on having a pet sitter come over on a regular basis to keep an eye on your cats or dogs, you should also have an air conditioning inspection to make sure it works the entire time you are gone.


Do Not Rely on Pet Sitters to Get Help

It is important not to expect pet sitters to do what needs to be done to handle repairs. Sure, they can notify you when the air conditioner stops working, but you will need to get the service yourself. Without knowing a professional that you have worked with several times in the past, this becomes challenging. Getting an inspection before you leave will keep you from having to deal with this kind of problem while on vacation.


Feel Better About Your Vacation

When you go on a trip, the last thing you want to do is worry about what is happening at home. All it takes is a professional checkup to know whether your pets will be comfortable on your vacation. When you are going to be gone for a long period of time, you do not want any bad news to sour the trip in the beginning!


Make Sure Your Pets Are Safe

In the middle of summer, not having a working air conditioner can be quite dangerous for your pets. This is especially true if they have thick coats because it will be difficult for them to cool down.

Having your air condition inspected is just one of several things that you should do before a long vacation. When you’re ready to schedule an inspection make sure to call the experts at J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling at (480) 946-5083.

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As a homeowner, you’re always finding a new home improvement project to start. We all want to make sure our home is beautiful and comfortable to live in. So, what if you could incorporate home improvement projects that not only make your home a beautiful place to live, but that also help to save energy in the process? Here, we’ll provide you with some tips to do just that.


Home Improvement and Energy Saving Tips

While some home improvement jobs can bring beauty to your home, they can also increase your home’s resale value. Some ways to incorporate adding value and efficiency to your home include the following:


Doors and Windows

You can make big improvements right away by checking the doors and windows in your home. Locate air leaks and seal them with weatherstripping or caulk. Bring in a home energy expert to evaluate your home to find leaks to ensure you seal off as much as you can.

You can also opt to switch your windows to low-E and double-pane windows to help insulate your home, keeping the cool air from your air conditioning system inside the home.


Attic Insulation

High home energy costs originate in the attic for many of us, which can cause your air conditioner to work harder. If your attic is not insulated, consider doing so. If it already has insulation, you’ll want to check the attic for areas of damaged insulation, as this generally means there is a leakage.


Finished Basement

A great way to add additional living space and help improve your energy efficiency is finishing your basement. Adding insulation to your basement helps to protect against mold growth and moisture. You’ll also want to insulate any exposed piping.

Your air conditioner works hard to keep your home cool and comfortable, so follow the above tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your cooling unit. And, when you’re ready for an air conditioning tune-up to make sure the system itself is running as efficiently as it can, give the experts at J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling a call at (480) 946-5083.

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Winter has come and gone and spring is quickly coming to an end, and the weather here is only getting warmer and warmer. Assuming you haven’t already started, this means that it is time to begin the process of using our air conditioners 24/7. However, after not using your system constantly through the cooler months, there are some air conditioning service maintenance issues you will want to take a look at. Following the tips below will help ensure that your system is functioning correctly and efficiently for the months ahead.

Look for Damage

You will want to take a look at your unit and make sure you don’t notice any damage to it, related to water or wind. While doing so, make sure you remove things, like dirt, leaves and sticks, that may have built up over the winter and spring.


Have Your System Inspected

It is always suggested to have your system inspected on an annual basis. Doing so in the late spring or early summer is recommended. This is the best time to make sure your air conditioning system is functioning correctly for the summer months ahead. During the check-up, if any issues are discovered, you will have the opportunity to fix them now rather than waiting until the situation worsens.


Air Filters

While you should still be changing out your filters on a monthly basis, taking a look at them at as spring winds down is a good idea. Before you begin using your system heavily again for the summer, you will want to make sure these filters are fresh and new.

Maintenance is one way to make sure your home stays comfortable during the hot months of summer ahead. Following the tips listed above is the best way to make sure you are able to accomplish this goal. And if you need a system tune-up, give our technicians a call at (480) 946-5083.

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The spring heat is coming on strong, and summer is just around the corner! While temperatures may still be relatively mild compared to what we will see later in the summer, you still wouldn’t want to be home without your air conditioner working.

If you have been putting off fixing your air conditioner, there is no time like the present. You may still be getting by just opening windows at night and keeping fans running throughout the house, but hotter temperatures are coming soon. You may eventually find yourself trying to leave your home during the day, seeking out the oasis of air-conditioned libraries and restaurants with play places, just to keep the kids from melting into little puddles of sweat.

There is no reason to muddle through the heat when professionals can quickly assess what is wrong with your air conditioning unit. Your air conditioning repair may be simpler and more affordable than you think, and you don’t want to regret putting it off too long, out of fear that it would be more complicated and expensive.

Most air conditioning units should run for 15 to 20 years. So, chances are good that your air conditioning unit does not need to be replaced; it just needs a little TLC to get it back up and running properly. So, give us a call at (480) 946-5083, and we’ll help your home get comfortable again!

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There is never a good time to lose your cool. The desert climate in Phoenix mandates comfortable indoor temperatures on a consistent year-round basis. You can keep from getting hot under the collar by paying attention to signs that your air conditioning unit needs repair. Be vigilant and proactive; be on the lookout for:

  • Forced air that does not feel cool
  • An unusual smell
  • Strange noises
  • Excessive moisture
  • Temperature variances from room to room

Not as cool as you think it should be? This could mean the compressor is malfunctioning, or that the refrigerant needs recharging. There are a number of reasons that could explain why your HVAC unit is not operating efficiently.

If you notice a “musty” smell it is probably due to a problem with the filtration system or dirty cooling coils. When it comes to your HVAC system, noise, of any kind, is never a good sign.

Preventive maintenance is the answer to extending the life of your air conditioning unit. Inspect your filters on a regular basis. It is advisable to change them at least quarterly, and more often if needed. Homes that have multiple pets, or family members who smoke, will likely find a need to replace the air filters frequently.

A regularly scheduled inspection and check-up are the best ways to guarantee that your system is operating efficiently.

Repairing this complicated piece of machinery is most definitely not a “Do it yourself” project. Contact us for a professional evaluation. We guarantee prompt service, an honest diagnosis and high-quality repairs at a fair price.