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If there is one common complaint that JR Perkins Heating & Cooling hears when it comes to cooling two-story homes, it is that the second story of a home never gets as cool as the first. While the first floor will adjust temperature with the thermostat, your second story tends to always be a little hotter. Considering the second story is traditionally where your bedrooms are located, you want it to be at the temperature you set so you can sleep at night.

The second story being a little warmer is a result of the combination of two things. The first being that heat naturally rises, so any hot air in your home is going upstairs. The second is that the sun will naturally heat your roof. Typically, shingles will protect against this, but your roof still absorbs heat, which goes into your attic, which then seeps into your home.

In many cases, this temperature can be balanced by calling an HVAC technician who will make sure you are getting the appropriate airflow from your air conditioner to the upstairs. Our technicians at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling will be able to detect if you have a severe imbalance, which can be an indicator of a problem that they can fix.

Unfortunately, some homes just have a chronic problem keeping the upstairs a steady temperature. In these cases, you may want to look into ductless zone control systems. These small units can be installed in areas in which either struggle to be controlled by the main unit or need to be kept at a different temperature. They can help keep your upstairs rooms at an appropriate temperature for you without freezing out the rest of your home as the main unit tries to keep up.

These zone control systems are typically your best bet if the reason for a hotter upstairs is beyond your control. If you live in an older home, for example, it can be drafty and difficult to keep at a steady temperature. They strongly benefit from this newer technology.

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