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The air filter is a crucial part of your heating and/or cooling system. Air conditioning units and furnaces use filtration to remove a range of airborne debris and pollutants from your home. Our expert technicians at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling let our clients know that if filters become clogged with grime, five major problems may ensue:

1. Your system’s efficiency will probably suffer. It must consume more energy to push air through a dirty filter. This can increase your electricity bill by as much as one-sixth. The equipment will also have an unnecessarily large environmental impact.

2. Heating and cooling systems perform less dependably when filters get clogged. This situation promotes overheating and may trigger the failure of various components, such as the blower. You’ll need to schedule repairs more often and replace the entire system sooner.

3. After this component becomes excessively dirty, pollutants that normally get collected may enter the ductwork and the air in your living spaces instead. This reduces the quality of indoor air and has the potential to cause or exacerbate several serious medical problems.

4. Filters become harder to clean as they are neglected for longer periods of time. If you belatedly act, the task will be more difficult and it’s possible that you’ll need to replace the unit instead of cleaning it.

5. Poorer HVAC performance and air quality results in a less comfortable environment. Your cooling or heating equipment may turn off before it has reached the desired temperature. You’ll need to rely on noisy supplemental fans and space heaters more often, something that will yield even higher power bills.

It’s crucial to maintain your home’s filters regularly. The HVAC system will work better, and you’ll avoid burdensome expenses. Keep in mind that you may have to clean or replace this part more often if you own pets. Please contact the heating and cooling experts at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling when you need professional service or new filters.

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