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When it comes to an air conditioning unit for the home, bigger is not always better. If you got an industrial-sized air conditioner meant for a huge building for the home, you would not only spend way more than you would need to, but that air conditioner just simply wouldn’t work.

Our team of experts at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling knows that air conditioners need to run for the time designed for their cycle. A bigger air conditioner may push a lot of cold air into your house very quickly, but this causes short cycling in the appliance where it turns off too soon and will need to turn on again very soon. This is hard on the air conditioner and wastes a ton of energy as starting up is when an air conditioner uses the most power.

In order to choose the right air conditioner for your home, you will need an HVAC technician out to conduct a load calculation assessment. Our team members at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling are experienced in doing so. Every home is unique and will have a different calculation. While you may know that the size and structure of your home will impact the size of air conditioner you need, there are other factors that play a role too. The number of windows, the insulation, and even the direction your home is facing can play a role in what type and size of air conditioner you need.

If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, in most cases if you already have one, it should have been appropriately sized for your home with a load calculation. However, if you have done remodeling, replaced windows, or even don’t know if it was installed by a reputable company, it is to your benefit to have a technician out to conduct a load calculation assessment on your home to make sure you are really getting ready to purchase the right sized air conditioning unit for your home and family’s unique cooling needs.

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