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Is it better to repair or get a new air conditioning installation? This is one of the most common customer questions. With an older unit, the choice is very often spending a few hundred dollars for a repair, with no guarantee something else won’t go wrong, or spending thousands on something new. The choice is not that much different from when your car starts to fail.
First, it is best to consider the air conditioner’s age. Angie’s List recommends using what they call “The 5,000 Rule.” Start with the price of the repair and multiply it by the age of the unit. It the number exceeds 5,000 then go with a new air conditioning installation. For example, a $350 repair on a 15-year-old unit produces 5,250. This unit needs a replacement.
We must also consider energy efficiency. The new air conditioning units are 40 percent more efficient than the ones from just 10 years ago. A professional air conditioning service person can evaluate your unit’s energy consumption. However, between the average lifespan and efficiency, 15 years is the typical recommendation for a new air conditioning installation.
Then, when you decide to buy new, which is the best? Consumer Reports states, “If you’re upgrading your central air, don’t assume you should buy the same-sized system. Any changes you’ve made to improve your home’s energy efficiency, such as upgrading your windows or adding insulation, can reduce your cooling needs. On the other hand, if you’ve added rooms, you might need more cooling.” A reputable air conditioning installer can answer these questions for you.
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