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Sometimes, air conditioning becomes something that we take for granted – that is until we don’t have it anymore. Routine servicing helps keep your system running efficiently, but here are five signs that your air conditioning unit is in need of immediate service from a qualified air conditioning service professional:

No Cold Air
Over time, you may notice that the air coming from your cooling system just doesn’t seem as cool as it used to be. Even worse, it may not be cool at all anymore. This could be a sign of compressor malfunction or low Freon levels.

Poor Air Flow
Another indicator of compressor problems is poor air flow. This can also be caused by blocked or obstructed duct work. Not only can a repair professional diagnose any issues with the compressor, but they can also clean ducts to restore airflow and maximum the efficiency of your system.

Moisture or puddles near your unit are an indicator of potential problems. These include a blockage or rupture in the drain tube, or worse – a potentially hazardous refrigerant leak. Any moisture should be immediately addressed since it can lead to air quality problems and mold growth.

You know what your air conditioner system sounds like when all is running smoothly. Sounds such as squeaking, grinding, or rumbling are warning signs of an inevitable breakdown if not serviced immediately.

Thermostat Control Problems
Sometimes poor air flow or temperature inconsistencies is not the result of a failing air conditioning unit, but instead points to an issue with the thermostat.


An air conditioner repair professional, like those here at J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling, can perform diagnostic visual and system tests that will keep your unit working at maximum efficiency. If you notice any of the above signs, contact us to request service or a free estimate. It’s better to address the problem now than wait until your air conditioning system stops working completely!

50 Responses to “When to Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced”

  1. Simon Brooks

    I agree, regular service really is the only way to make sure that an air conditioning system lasts as long as it can. However, there are some cases where it’s best to call for service right away in order to make sure your air conditioner doesn’t take any long term damage and the article does a great job of talking about those. I particularly like what you’ve said about poor air flow since it can be quite difficult to determine whether or not something is actually blocking the compressor unless a professional actually looks at it.

  2. Freezer repairs

    I agree, regular service really is the only way to make sure that an air conditioning system lasts as long as it can. However, there are some cases where it’s best to call for service right away in order to make sure your air conditioner doesn’t take any long term damage and the article does a great job of talking about those.

  3. Gregory Willard

    It has been pretty hot this summer, and we have noticed our machine making some odd noises. I had no idea that we should get it serviced because of those noises. I wouldn’t want our machine to die out in the middle of the heat, so we will have to call someone. Thanks.

  4. Derek Mcdoogle

    Our house has been so hot this summer and it seems like our air conditioning unit is not working properly. You mentioned that sometimes poor air flow or temperature inconsistencies is no the result of a failing air conditioning unit, but instead points to an issue with the thermostat. Can contractors determine if it is the thermostat that could be causing the problem? Hiring a contractor could be the best choice to solve this problem.

  5. Luke Smith

    I never would have thought that a failing thermostat would be the issue, but now that you mention it it seems to make sense. My uncle has been experiencing some issues with his cooling system and was considering getting it replaced. Maybe I will recommend that he have someone come to look at his thermostat instead. I bet keeping your thermostat in good condition would help with energy efficiency as well as air flow consistency.

  6. Dennis Sanchez

    You wrote that if your AC isn’t providing cold air, it is probably time to have it professionally serviced. My mother’s AC is very inconsistent in providing cool air, and I think it is time to have it serviced. I’ll have to find a reliable service for my mother to hire.

  7. Ben Allen

    I appreciate the information on when to have your AC unit serviced. I agree that having a routine air conditioning service can help keep your system running efficiently as well as helping you avoid the larger costs later when a big problem happens. My mom has been debating on getting her air conditioning serviced before the summer comes around, I will be sure to share these tips with her.

  8. John

    I guess I never really considered the idea that a failing thermostat could be the culprit behind poor air conditioning. It would be frustrating to have an incorrect diagnosis on your a/c unit when the real problem lies in the thermostat. Hiring a professional might be the only way to really be sure if the thermostat is the problem. Using a professional to locate and fix the problem would help save money and time.

  9. Abi

    Should you suspect your air con unit may be faltering, you should always get it serviced or checked. Prevention rather than cure is the best way to avoid the hefty costs of repair!

  10. Bernard Clyde

    I appreciate this list of the main symptoms of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. It can be frustrating in those summer months to only feel warm air coming out of the vents. I’ll have to keep an eye out on other problems with air flow and puddles in case a problem arises in the future.

  11. Jenna Hunter

    Last night I went to go turn on the AC and I saw that there was some water accumulating around the sides of the unit. It was handy to know that moisture or puddles near your unit are an indicator of potential problems. I am no expert, but I would expect it may be time to call in an expert to have it looked at!

  12. Burt Silver

    I didn’t realize that moisture near the unit might be a sign of an air conditioner that needs repair. My AC stopped working very well at the end of the summer, but I assumed the moisture I found on it was natural. I will have to call somebody to come and take a look at it so it is working before it gets hot again.

  13. John Ferrell

    I like that you said that if there are puddles near your unit then there could be potential problems. If I noticed that my AC unit was doing weird things then I would want to make sure that I was able to get it taken care of. It might be a good idea to have easy access to a professional that could help you fix it.

  14. Drew

    Good advice for spotting when it’s time to have your air conditioner serviced. Your ears will never fail you when it comes to a clunking a/c.

  15. Lucy Taylor

    I found it helpful that you pointed out that you should listen carefully to the sounds your air conditioner is making. Mine got pretty noisy last year, and did eventually stop working during the hottest months of the summer! I called a repair professional and they replaced the filter, tightened up some loose bits, among other things, and it worked just perfectly afterward! I know realize how important it is to call as soon as I recognize an issue with sound, or other signs of trouble.

  16. Sarah Smith

    I had no idea that if there are puddles near your AC unit that it could indicate a problem. I’ll have to get my unit serviced since I recently found a puddle near it. Another thing to do to help catch problems early is to get your unit serviced at least once a year.

  17. Troy Blackburn

    I didn’t know that a leak in the AC unit could indicate that the condensate drain line is clogged. I’ve heard, too, that you need to pay careful attention to your energy bill and be aware of any unusual spikes or increases. I’ll be sure to remember these great warning signs as I check out my AC to make sure I’m needing a repair.

  18. Ridley Fitzgerald

    It definitely makes sense that these are things you should hire someone to fix. The one I didn’t know about was the moisture around the unit. I just assumed condensation was normal, but now I know better!

  19. Finley Moreira

    It’s good to know that a lack of cold air is usually a compressor or freon problem. My AC unit doesn’t produce air that is quite as cold as it should be, but I wasn’t sure what the problem could be. What tests would an AC repairmen implement to determine the true problem to my lack of cold air?

  20. Jane Ambrose

    My husband told me he noticed something funny going on with our HVAC unit, so I thought I would do some research to see at what point we may need to call a repair man. I had no idea that puddles near the unit are an indicator of potential problems, but I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for them in the future. It seems like knowing the right time to call for help can help you avoid even more repairs later on. Thank you for the helpful information!

  21. Alexandria Martinez

    My fiance and I are wondering if we should have our air conditioner checked by a service. We have noticed a strange sound coming from it and are a little concerned. I didn’t know that it could be a warning sign of a breakdown and we will get it checked immediately.

  22. Marcus Coons

    It really helped when you mentioned how your compressor might be malfunctioning if you don’t get cool air from your unit anymore. I can understand that taking the time to understand this can help you find the best professional who can help you deal with your cooling system. Personally, I would want to look at online reviews and compare several contractors before choosing the one who can work with my type of AC unit.

  23. Lucy Gibson

    I was just visiting my parents the other day when I noticed that their air conditioning unit was making a high pitched squeaking sound. It was still blowing cold air, but it didn’t sound right. You make a great point about how weird sounds are a warning of a possible breakdown. I’ll have to suggest to my parents that they have an HVAC professional come out.

  24. Harper Campbell

    It’s good to know that there are somethings that we need to keep in mind when it comes to knowing when it’s time for are AC to be repaired. I like how you pointed out that when it comes seeing puddles near the unit that this is something that we need to look for so we can know that we need to get it repaired. This is something that we will have to keep in mind with our unit so that we won’t have to worry about things breaking down.

  25. Jack Titchener

    I like how you talked about the need to get your AC unit repaired when no cold air is being blown out. It’s the most frustrating thing when the unit is supposed to be cooling your house but instead it seems to be recycling the warm air from outside. I’ll have to consider getting my AC repaired if this ever starts happening.

  26. Barbera Peters

    I had no idea that when moisture or puddles are near the air conditioning unit it was an indicator of potential problems like a blockage in the drain tube. That is something for me to talk to my husband about since I believe their could be a puddle next to mine at home. Thank you for the great information that we need to know and helping us start the search for a HVAC contractor.

  27. Larry Weaver

    Thanks for the tip that moisture or puddles near a unit are indicators of a potential problem. My own unit has a puddle near it, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it until now. I’ll have to contact an air conditioner repair specialist to check it out.

  28. Theodore Winston

    Thanks for this very comprehensive guide! I agree that these are all symptoms that no DIY-er could hope to repair unless they have a good background in repairing AC systems. I recommend asking your maintenance company about smart thermostats out available which you can control using your smartphone even while out of the house. We recently had them installed in our home and the investment is worth it for the savings. Cheers!

  29. Ashley Turns

    Thanks for mentioning that any time you hear noises such as grinding or squeaking, it is probably time to get your air conditioner repaired. My husband and I have noticed that our house isn’t as cool as normal even though the thermostat is set like it usually is and we’ve been wondering if that means we should get our AC fixed. Since we have also noticed slight squeaking sounds, we will definitely contact an air conditioning repairs company right away.

  30. Joy Butler

    Our air conditioning system has been pretty wonky the past few times that we tried using it and I wanted to know what might be causing no cold air coming out. It might be a refrigerant issue so I suppose calling for service would be a good choice. I am a single mom, so naturally, I wanted to make sure that our expenses are well worth it before I shell out the dough. Also, having a periodical maintenance of your system could ensure that all of the vital parts are working smoothly and save you that hard-earned money.

  31. Ridley Fitzgerald

    We should definitely get some air conditioning maintenance done. There is a puddle that’s under the system pretty much daily, and now I know it’s a bad thing. We’ll have to call a professional to get it looked at.

  32. Deb Pearl

    That is great to know that if I am having poor air flow from my air conditioner that means I could have a problem with my system! I have noticed that my air conditioner hasn’t been working as well as it used to and I was wondering what could be wrong. I didn’t know that poor air flow could mean there is a blockage! I will have to call someone to come check it out! Thank you for the information!

  33. Ruby Penrod

    I like how you mentioned moisture near your unit can indicate potential problems, like a drain tube rupture. We are looking into getting our cooler serviced before the summer starts. Thank you for the information on what to look for in a faulty AC.

  34. Celestia Stratheimer

    My sister talked to me the other night saying that there’s something wrong with the AC unit because it has been making a lot of weird noises. I went to see what she was talking about and assured her that there’s nothing to be worried about. Now, I realized that it was a big mistake. You said that squealing and grinding noise from the AC unit is an indicator that something’s wrong and that it needs to be checked by a professional right away because it can cause a break down in the future. I’m glad I came across this article. Thank you so much!

  35. Amanda Drew

    Thanks for pointing out that if your system isn’t pumping out cold air, then it might be low levels of Freon or a compressor malfunction. My system will sometimes do the whole cold air thing, but mostly it’ll just send out lukewarm air. I’ve been trying to use fans and things to get my home cool, but it’s not that effective. I’ll have to find an AC service that could fix the compressor or add more Freon depending on what the problem actually is.

  36. Kenneth Gladman

    I like that you mentioned any sitting moisture or liquid can indicate a serious problem. If this is the case you should contact a professional immediately. The longer you wait the more costly the repair can be.

  37. Joy Butler

    Every time I notice that there’s a poor air flow, I will just check if there’s any object that blocking the air passing in my unit. However, there would come a time that I can not fix it anymore. So I guess, the option of getting it service all I really need!

  38. Max Sayer

    I have been thinking about getting my air conditioning looked at but wanted to Look up a few tips. I really liked how this article talked about looking for indicators of compressor problems how poor air flow. This is something I haven’t thought about and something I will have to look into.

  39. Penelope Smith

    It is good to know that it would be smart to check if there are any puddles forming under your AC unit. That is something I would have never thought about checking. As a new homeowner, it is really good to know that I should be on a lookout for issues like that.

  40. Ashley Maxwell

    Thanks for mentioning how an HVAC contractor should offer you an estimate. I also like how you said that they should also make sure it doesn’t have a lot of moisture leaking from it. My husband and I are looking for HVAC contractors for our air conditioning unit.

  41. Ellie Davis

    This summer my AC doesn’t seem to be working and my house is very hot. Thank you for suggesting that this could be a compressor malfunction. I want to get this fixed as soon as possible so my house isn’t miserable. Hopefully, I can find the best repair company in my area to help me out.

  42. Hazel Owens

    Thanks for the information that if you have poor air flow from your air conditioner then you might have compressor problems, or blocked or obstructed ductwork so you’ll need a professional to identify these problems. My air conditioning hasn’t been working the last couple of days and takes forever to cool down the house so I wanted to see what the problem could be. I’ll have to call around to find a contractor in my area that can come look at my unit to see if there is a problem with compressor or ductwork and then fix the problem so we can have cool air again.


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