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It is the great dilemma of anyone who is leaving their house for a nice summer trip. Do you turn the air conditioner off while you are gone or simply turn it up so that it is using less energy? Really there is no right answer for this as it is extremely situational, but you can help make the right choice by taking these considerations into mind.

Unlike a furnace that prevents expensive potential damage like your pipes freezing, it doesn’t seem like there is much that can be damaged by turning your air conditioner off and letting your house heat up. However, that is not true.

One of the main things that can be hurt by turning your air conditioner off and letting your house heat up to the extreme is the air conditioner itself. It will have that time you are away off, but it will need to work extremely hard to bring the home back to an appropriate temperature when you get back. Furthermore, while the house was heating up, all your cool-producing appliances, like your refrigerator and freezer, had to work overtime to keep the contents inside cold. This can be an added strain for those appliances. Finally, the air circulation of your air conditioner also controls humidity levels. Hot air holds more moisture, and hot, non-circulating air can cause moisture to settle on surfaces that may be damaged, like your wood floors or cabinetry.

Overall, unless the temperatures will be extremely mild, it is best to just turn your air conditioner up so that it is a bit warm in your house, but still climate controlled. This will help ease the strain on your air conditioner as well as other appliances without eating up the energy bill while you are away.

Our team of experts at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling knows that in these instances a programmable thermostat comes in handy. If you have models that you can control from your phone, it can make it very easy to react to a sudden unexpected heat wave when you are away from the house.

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