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As your JR Perkins Heating & Cooling technician may have already told you, or you know from experience, air filters are a central part of the AC system. Their primary role is to purify the air by trapping dust and dander that would otherwise circulate through your home. But this not their only function; air filters also provide defense against objects such as loose insulation that could potentially cause a fire. For your air conditioning system to function at optimum levels, it needs regular air conditioning service and part of this is changing the air filters. A dirty air filter will not only lower the system’s efficiency but also cause system malfunctions.

So how often should you change your air filter? Quality has a significant say on how regularly you need to change your air filters. For instance, cheaper fiberglass needs to be changed every 30 days while high-end air filters can go up to 6 months. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters need replacement every 12 to 18 months. Carbon air filters on the other hand need replacement every three to six months. Permanent air filters like the name suggests only need replacement when damaged. They however need cleaning every three months.

Of course, there are exceptions to these rules. For instance, if you keep pets or live with a loved one who suffers from respiratory illnesses, you may need to change your filters even more often than what manufacturers recommend. Ask your JR Perkins Heating & Cooling HVAC expert for their advice.

But what if your air filters are always so dirty every time you change them, yet you do this regularly as per the manufacturer’s recommendations? First, check your filters MERV rating. Filters with high MERV rating hold pollutants better and longer. A MERV rating of between 6 to 8 is considered good enough, so if your filters rating is lower than this, that explains why they get dirty so fast. The other reason why your air filters could be getting dirty so fast is if you recently introduced more pollutants in the house. A new pet or a new construction project will cause your air filters to get dirty faster. To find out more about air filter cleaning and replacement please contact us today.

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