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You have likely discovered today’s article because you were looking for information about why your air conditioner is turning on and off frequently. This occurrence is called “short cycling”, and it is a very common issue for homeowners. Unfortunately, if it is not caught early, it can become very costly. That said, it is not a problem that the average homeowner is going to be about to troubleshoot on their own. It is going to take a qualified technician to make the correct diagnosis. Nevertheless, below is a list of the more common conditions.

Why Is Your AC Sort Cycling?

  1. Poorly Placed Thermostat– So, if a thermostat is too close to a vent, it can be fooled into registering a cooler temperature because cold air is blowing on it. This will cause your air conditioner to turn off too soon. However, a thermostat near the window can receive too much exposure to the sun, tricking the unit into thinking the house is warmer.
  2. Leaking Refrigerant – Have you ever had your air conditioner inspected and the technician told you that the refrigerant needed topping off? The refrigerant should never need topping off. This is a sign of a refrigerant leak and it must be repaired in order for your air conditioner to run properly and efficiently.
  3. An Oversized Air Conditioner – This is one of those times when bigger is not better. Determining the right size unit that you need requires considering and calculating many factors correctly. When an air conditioner is too large, your home can become too humid, it can cost more to operate, and the AC is at greater risk of breakdowns.

Today’s article shared some of the more common reasons why your central air condition may be turning on and off frequently. However, it is vital to contact a trusted and reliable HVAC repair company to properly identify and correct the issue. The longer you wait, the more likely serious damage can occur.

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