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When outdoor conditions are hot and muggy, an air conditioning unit is essential for a comfortable home. On those very hot days, an efficient air conditioner makes the difference between a poor, stuffy environment and a healthy, pleasant one. If your air conditioning unit stops blowing air in your home, it is a good idea to know how to troubleshoot basic problems. However, it is also important to know when to call in professionals.

Many of the initial air conditioning troubleshooting steps are easy. First, check to see if the problem is the circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Your circuit breaker/fuse box is likely located in the garage or basement. Next, check your thermostat to make sure the setting is not higher than the indoor temperature. You would be surprised at the number of service calls that were caused by these two issues, causing the owner a bill.

The main culprit for no air movement in homes is a dirty filter.  A dirty filter creates low indoor airflow that leads to the inside coil slowly becoming a block of ice.  Once that process starts, it’s not long before the entire systems fails.  Not only can it stop your HVAC units, it can actually kill the compressor leading to very expensive repairs.  The best thing a customer can do is keep your air filters clean and to use a basic pleated filter rather than the more expensive ones.  More expensive filters are not always better.  Check back later for more information on low indoor air flow causes and solutions.

If you still are not getting any airflow, the problem may be blocked or damaged ductwork. In most cases, you will need a professional technician to fix or clean ductwork correctly. Your air conditioning ducts are essential for efficiency. If your try to tackle it yourself, even if it appears you fixed things, it could cost you more by increasing energy costs.

Ultimately, after taking these steps, if your air conditioning unit is still not blowing air, you will need a skilled professional. The good news is J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling has the knowledge and experience to fix any air conditioning problem in the Phoenix AZ area. If you would like to talk about air conditioning, or need more information, please call us at (480) 422-4437 or visit our website at

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