Water Heaters

If you need a new water heater, want to learn about the latest in water heater technology, or have a water heater in need of repair, count on J.R. Perkins. We can help you determine the best product for you. We specialize in traditional water heaters, tankless, and solar options.

Save Energy & Money

With available rebates and tax incentives, it costs you more NOT to upgrade your water heater. And, our water heaters come with a lifetime warranty!

Is Solar Right For You?

A solar residential water heater is the least expensive way to reduce your electrical bill by harnessing the power of the sun to heat your water! A single rooftop panel, properly installed, can provide over 2600 Kilowatts of energy every year and provide hot water to a family of 4 all year long.

  • ​​Local Utility Companies will rebate up to $1340 ($.50 per watt).
  • Federal Tax Credit of 30%
  • Arizona State Tax Credit of up to $1000!
  • On an average system, after credits and rebates, your out of pocket expense is normally less than $3300.
  • With the monthly decrease in your electric bill, your payback can be as little as 4.5 years.

We offer FREE water heater estimates. Request your estimate today. 

Great service, knowledgable and efficient. Will continue to use and refer JR Perkins! —Bev W.